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Right now, nearly 60 million Latinos live in the U.S. It is TLCF’s mission to advocate for policies that pave the way for current and future generations of the Latino community. The creation of programs that foster job, economic, and political growth for Latinos all lead to more opportunity for success.

Latino economic involvement is very important to TLCF, as the size of the U.S. Latino market measured by GDP is up to nearly $2.6 trillion. This growth is at a rate 72% higher than the non-Latino GDP, making economic contribution a substantial force [Source 1]. In fact, the growth rate of all Latino-owned businesses has more than doubled the growth rate of all U.S. businesses.

There are currently around 6,700 Latinos that have been elected to local, state, and federal offices. This political representation amounts to only 1.2% on a national level [Source 2]. Although representation is low, the number of educated Latinos rose to 63.1% from 2010-2018, which is favorable growth [Source 1]. Economic contribution to the national GDP is high, but donations to officials that affect policy change is low. The average contribution amount across all ethnicities to Presidential campaigns is $27.86, but for the Latino community the average gift is $19.04 [Source 3]. Due to the lack of Latino representation, many campaigns are falling behind. TLCF is helping to break down these barriers in order to shape a favorable political climate for Latinos in the U.S.